Prayer for the Conversion of our Nation

Prayer for the Conversion of our Nation

Pentecost 2016


Almighty Father,

as we glory in the victory of your ascended Son

and await our anointing in the Spirit’s power,

hear our prayer for this town and borough, this city and nation.

Convert us and many to a renewed and deepening faith each day;

turn us from hatred to love, from resentment to forgiveness,

from self-concern to patient loving-kindness.


Give us eyes to see the struggles of the sick and infirm;

ears to hear the crying of the young and the bewildered;

give us hands to help the stranger, the overburdened,

the homeless, and the helpless.


Let the gathered voices of this land combine to sing your praise,

announce your justice and proclaim your Kingdom,

that it may come among us, and your will be done in many lives

on this fragile earth as in your eternal heaven.


We make this prayer in Jesus’ name,

who is alive and reigns with you

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God now and for ever.



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