A Hymn for St Andrew’s Day

A Hymn for St Andrew’s Day

Tune: Jerusalem DLM

Note: this is not a great hymn, but I wanted to set something to Jerusalem in the hope that that might be a tune that most of our students had at least heard. I also wanted to incorporate our school’s mission statement, if such it is. The result is a little contrived, but you might find a line or two to plunder, like people pinching bits of ruined abbey for their dry-stone walls. I write hymns as Sophie Fowler, a habit that began as a joke and is now too treasured to abandon.


For St Andrew’s Church of England High School, Croydon

In God through grace and guidance, to grow and give


When Jesus speaks, he calls by name

servants of his to walk his way.

So Andrew laid aside his nets

to follow Jesus every day.

He bids us, “See the Lamb of God!”

—his blood for us in death outpoured—

that all our thoughts and words and deeds

might praise and worship Christ our Lord.


Lord, we are few, our gifts are small.

Many are hungry, cold, oppressed;

yet by your Spirit’s mighty power

our loaves and fishes will be blessed.

For all who seek your face, O Christ,

we pray you, Saviour, in us live;

then all will see that we in God

through grace and guidance grow and give.


Sophie Fowler b.1963



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